Reelect Paul Simpson to continue to grow, build, and strengthen our Party!

Paul Simpson has revitalized the Harris County GOP and defended our conservative principles by...

Growing the Party:

  • Identified over 87,147 new Republicans.
  • Broadened the reach of the Republican Party through more sustained involvement with community organizations, recruiting more volunteer engagement activists, increasing funding, and appointing volunteer engagement directors for various communities. In 2015-2016, the Harris County Republican Party sponsored or participated in over 30 events in Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Hispanic, African-American, Jewish, and other communities, actively engaging and recruiting hundreds of citizens from those communities to be involved with the County Party. 
  • Expanded programs to recruit and train future leaders and activists for our Party, including active engagement in Houston-area high schools and colleges.
  • Instituted the Harris County Leadership Council – a seven-month program offering an insider’s guide to the political world – that graduated its first class of 20 students in 2016. This program is for young leaders under the age of 35, and was designed by our Young Leadership Development Committee, a group of over 25 young people Simpson appointed to help build young leaders for the Harris County Republican Party. 

Building and Equipping Our Army:

  • Recruited over 160 new Precinct Chairs.
  • Pioneered and implemented cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology and voter data for grassroots to organize teams and to contact voters year-round.
  • Increased volunteer and staff training operations with in-person, remote, and online programs year-round, across Harris County.

Strengthening our Finances and Operations:

  • Moved to a new, larger central headquarters, opened offices around the County, and expanded full-time staff with field organizers in every office to recruit & train year-round.
  • Raised over $3.1 million from over 1,250 donors.
  • Conducted the first outside audit in 20 years.

Winning Elections:

  • Modernized and expanded election operations to achieve a unified, grassroots-based campaign in 2014, electing all countywide Republican candidates for the first time since 2006 and winning every countywide vote for the first time in a decade.
  • Provided primary ground operation to defeat Houston Mayor Parker’s HERO ordinance in November 2015, knocking on over 36,000 doors and making over 120,000 phone calls as part of successful and broad coalition effort.
  • Waged a full-scale campaign as part of coalition in December 2015 runoff election for mayor of Democrat-controlled Houston, fighting Democrats to a virtual draw in Harris County.
  • Contacted voters via over 1.1 million volunteer phone calls and knocking on over 115,000 doors in 2014 & 2015.

Harris County is a political battleground Republicans need to win.
Reelect Paul Simpson County Chair in the May 2016 runoff election
to continue to grow, build, and strengthen the Harris County GOP!